Iyanden is an Eldar Craftworld. Once the most populated and largest of the Craftworlds, it is now on the brink of extinction after being invaded by Hive Fleet. This article is about the Chaos invasion; for the Tyranid invasion of Iyanden, see The Battle of Iyanden was a major Chaos invasion of the Eldar Craftworld of. Background: Iyanden is an Eldar Craftworld, the greatest worldship of the Eldar empire that was.

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Bonesingers coaxed the writhing Wraithbone, rich with the departed spirits of the Infinity Circuit, to fight against the terrible warping effects of the Tyranid spores. Iyanden has not had it easy, fending off Ork assaults, Imperial fleets, the Necrons of the Sautekh Dynasty, and further Tyranid tendrils.

It enhances their resistance against S6 and S7 attacks and ok, S12 and 13 if you insist which are much less common. Within a few short years, Iyanna Arienal’s faction had grown so influential that it now completely overshadowed Yriel’s. He said no farewells and spoke not of his purpose. It said much about the Farseer’s mental state that his greeting was less than polite, but if Sylandri took offence she gave no sign. Yriel did not need to hear the words Kelmon had planned to speak, for he knew the truth.

Iyanden had encountered such creatures before, but those had only been tendrils of the Hive Mind’s awareness, groping blindly through space; now Iyanden stood exposed before the onset of an entire Hive Fleet. Iyanden attacked Zhemon’s power base on pivotal worlds, weakening his defences to such an extent that even the uncoordinated efforts of the loyalist humans could make headway. In the end Iyanden was victorious, but only narrowly.

Instead, Biel-Tan began to loose its fury against any alien-occupied planet the Eldar had once claimed. Iyanden had encountered such creatures before, but those had only been tendrils of the Hive Mind ‘s awareness, groping blindly through space; now Iyanden stood exposed before the onset of an entire Hive Fleet.

Now Yriel cursed his folly at stripping Iyanden’s defences; the torpedoes were too small, too fast and too distant for the Flame’s weapons to target.

Yriel knew that three cruisers was a laughable force to send against an entire Craftworld, but he assumed that Kallorax had known it too, which meant some deeper ploy was at hand. Countless billions were slain, whole families and bloodlines lost forever; the living were outnumbered many times over by the dead.

The alien invaders had taken a terrible toll; fully nine-tenths of the Craftworld’s populace had been slain before the last Tyranid was cut down.

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A great many Eldar weapons are so lethal that they are too dangerous for the living to operate. Yriel’s attacks were not limited to spaceborne engagements; any installation under Kallorax’s command was a potential target.

None of this was to say that Ethrael was weak or incompetent — such traits would have doomed Iyanden just as surely as those that Kelmon wished to avoid — but he stood ever at the council’s beck and call, and never took action without their express approval. At the close of the battle, the Dark Angels demanded that Zhemon be given over to their keeping.

Craftworld Iyanden

Not a single bio-dome remained untouched by the skittering hordes of the Tyranid race. Yriel knew that three cruisers was a laughable force to send against an entire Craftworld, but he assumed that Kallorax had known it too, which meant some deeper ploy was at hand. Never, in all the preceding millennia, had Iyanden been humbled so.

Slowly, the balance of power within Iyanden began to shift. With its ranks reinforced by implacable ghost warriors, Iyanden soon knew fresh success. Instead of meeting the Avatar in single combat, the Hive Tyrant urged its minions to destroy the newcomer. The Spiritseer wondered if its desolate fate was a metaphor for that of Iyanden’s people.

M41the Farseers of Iyanden become aware of two possible futures in which their Craftworld is destroyed. The Fire of Creation in the heart of Asuryan’s shrine a flame that had blazed since the Craftworld’s maiden voyage burned no longer. Anyway, more stuff will be affected and more stuff will die.

Kelmon Farsight, leader of Iyanden’s Council, was concerned most of all. Through a series of hit and run engagements, M’kar’s daemonic forces are lured ever closer to Ultramar and when the Daemon Prince is about to descend on the Ultramar world of Talassarthe Eldar withdraw and let M’kar’s hatred of the Ultramarines do the rest.

They could still feel the Hive Mind clawing through their thoughts; still hear its alien hunger scratching at their very sanity.

The Ynnari, when leaving, also took so many of their Wraith warriors with them that some of the Eldar of Iyanden feared the Craftworld was being left defenseless. Meanwhile, Yriel and Kallorax fought on. This was N’karia Slaaneshi Daemon whose own monstrous pride allowed him to sense that of the Craftaorld Eldar, even through their psychic shield.

Thus do Wraithknights serves as secondary command nodes in Iyanden’s armies, especially where complex strategies are being employed, iaynden a sudden loss of coordination between the living and the dead would be disastrous. The Eldar fleet was being ground down in a massive battle of attrition, a battle that only the Tyranids craftworls hope to win.


For a moment, Sylandri said nothing. Kelmon’s mind soared across empty light years of space, touching at last upon that of Yriel, Iyanden’s greatest exile. Guardian fought side by side with ghost warrior, the living generation battling alongside those long-dead as the Eldar gave everything they had. As noted, the world-rune of the Iyanden Craftworld means “Light in the Darkness,” a reference to craaftworld ever-burning shrine that honours Asuryan and the flame of hope for the Eldar of Iyanden.

But such strength comes at a terrible price, for the Crafrworld constructs protecting Iyanden are inhabited by the departed spirits of Iyanden’s dead. Seeing the Orks falter, though not knowing the cause, Taec Silvereye urged his own forces forwards.

Iyanden – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

So many had died that the wraithbone of the Infinity Circuit craftaorld become overcharged with psychic energy and had grown unchecked. Not all of Iyanden’s folk were so afflicted; a few Farseers saw the danger.

It quickly overwhelmed the outward elements of Ethrael’s fleet, and Kelmon ordered the Admiral to withdraw. Iyanden’s forces, under the command of Admiral Draech, arrived at Halathel to discover its World Spirit destroyed and its defenders consumed.

These guys are already an efficient HQ choice for a Craftworlds army, iyandwn have even seen a reduction in cost, now a steal at 45 points, only 10 more than a Warlock! Alas, never had Iyanden faced an enemy whose forces were so widespread, and the Council began to fear that even with the ghost warriors, iyandeb forces might be insufficient to claim victory. The Avatar, the embodied spirit of the Craftworld’s war god, would be awakened to take part in the battle.

Most believed that Iyanden was a far more dangerous prey than Malan’tai or Idharae could ever have ihanden, and that their home could weather storm came its way. His Eldar Corsair armada penetrated the Tyranid blockade, and ended the space-borne threat.

Iyanden | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They elected not to question the serendipity, and instead simply enjoyed fate’s largesse. These powers look to have a a mirror power — one buffs a friendly with and the other debilitates an enemy unit. With one last look around the chamber, Iyandenn turned to leave; only one Tear of Morai-Heg yet remained unaccounted for, but there was much more to be accomplished craftorld She Who Thirsts was to be thwarted. First off we get a look at a new Psychic Power: