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Returns any results that are less Less Than than Value 1. Select the user to be deleted from the user list. Click Cancel to cancel the changes. The unit draws a line as the pointer moves. Recover data from tape — This option is disabled during background archiving.

We recommend the dv160000 of shielded twisted-pair cable for network operation. This option lets you use your archive tapes more fully. Since the unit uses the lowest level of compression, this setting requires the highest amount of storage space.

Intellex Speakers The speakers can be used to listen to recorded audio information or to monitor live audio activity. If unit power is off, insert a paper clip into the pinhole below the power indicator to power up the unit.

The playback screen controls and indicators are described below: Page Intellex DV Digital Video Management System If you drag the green slider to the right, the two sliders will separate and the gray tab will disappear. Access to the playback screen controls and indicators is a protected feature. It also lists each video segment on the archive tape. Page Installation and Operating Instructions The physical keypad is located on the optional keyboard.


This is included with Premier models. Archive operation is only available if an optional tape drive is installed. When an alarm is detected, the unit increases the number of samples from the camera associated with the alarm.


SCSI-3 — This high density pin female connector provides the interface between the unit and an optional data storage device. Text Click to access the Text dvv16000. The pointer changes to if it is dragged to an invalid location. Power Indicator — This light appears when the unit is operating. Installation and Operating Instructions Setup After they are defined, you can configure active and alarmed segments see Configuring an Active Segment on page 66 and Configuring an Alarmed Segment page Use this option when overwriting an existing filter configuration.

Click the down arrow. Use the Add Volume screen to fv16000 volume information for the selected volume. Shutdown Use this option to shut down the system.

Dv16000 intellex manual

Replace — Use this option to copy a filter configuration over an existing filter configuration. You can restore up to 50 consecutive video segments at one time.

If the unit does not power up, insert the special tool provided in the pinhole beneath the power indicator to turn on unit power.

  FR A720 11K PDF

Screen Formats — Click to change the live display format.

Click Play to begin playing the video segment. Select this option to recover data from an archive tape. Alarm connector block with screw terminals. Then you can observe activity from that camera more closely.

Intellex DV16000 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Use Sony cleaning cartridges. These estimates do not include alarm activity. Click Yes to exit Intellex and go to Windows. If the tape drive is empty, the Intellex unit asks you to insert a tape. Utility Options Shutdown Use this option to shut down the system. Click left arrow to select the previous month or right arrow to select the next month. It also lists each video segment on the archive tape.

The unit suspends camera sequencing on the live display monitor. Click Add to set up a text stream for recording. This option is only available when the Latch Messages option is selected in the Alarms portion of the Setup Options screen and when one or more alarm messages appear on the live display.

For example, with nine cameras connected, the sequence is: The data will be lost and the media will be ruined. Installation and Operating Instructions Using Images within: