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Such settings includes the electronic modules that control the air conditioning system, power seats especially v17 those have individual settings for each driverpower windows, power mirrors and sunroof, radio stations and other settings in the sound system. Otherwise efoe use a 4. Pull over and either advance or retard the timing by about 4 degrees.

Stan Meyer Tube Cell. If the engine is under less of a load, the ECU will want to deliver less fuel. A good starting point is about 10 ohms. There is no difference in the quality of the board or the parts.

This makes cutting into it and hooking up the EFIE much easier. There is another variety of wide band sensor that uses 4 wires, that you must be aware of. This learning process may take, approximately, from 10 to 1d7 miles of driving. You are only reading the voltage that the EFIE is adding to the oxygen sensor’s output, before it gets to the computer’s input.

They had a spring loaded door that controlled a wiper arm across a resistive pad. Any more advance than that will increase the possibility of detonation, and will fight the piston on the compression stroke. The process of adjusting the EFIE is trial and error.

HHO Generator Plans & Schematics

If you have an older vehicle that doesn’t have data stream information, then hook a digital volt meter to the O2 signal wire. Local electronics supply stores may carry all parts if they are really big stores, or if they specialize in electronic components. This usage is not needed, and I don’t particularly recommend it.


Improving combustion efficiency usually requires less timing advance to get the job done. As it warms up, the resistance goes down. What is different in safety to the engine than what we are doing with O2 extenders or other EFIE designs. This is why the ECU retards the timing. I’m not giving out for free, the benefit of their research, when it can be obtained efis such a reasonable amount.

Select the manufacturing year, then model. It was developed for fuel injected vehicles, and was found to be necessary in order for other fuel efficiency devices to work on them.

With all of these done, the ECU will not be able to relapse, because all of the sensors it uses to compare to the oxygen sensor are also modified, giving you stable gains.

The easy way to do this is to look it up in your Haynes, Clymer or Chilton manual for your car. To be clear, it is the EFIE of choice for both 4-wire and 5-wire oxygen sensors. After the engine overheats to a point, the ECU starts dumping copious plentiful, rich amounts of fuel.

The computer expects to see the sensor going above and below. With your unit on the bench, apply battery voltage to the battery and ground leads. As the vehicles became more complex, there was less tuning required for optimal performance and mileage. If you pop into Open Loop, your lean-out limits are still too high or your oxygen sensor is bad. This article describes ALL computer enhancements via the sensors, i.


The ScanGauge can tell you what temp it’s seeing. If you are tuning in the middle of February, then you can offset the signal from your base cold reading and things will be fine for now.

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When these proportions are v17 supplied to the engine, a certain amount of oxygen will be detected in the exhaust by the O2 sensor, and this information is fed into the vehicle’s computer. For Dual EFIE units, the brown wire goes to the 2nd oxygen sensor, and the blue wire goes to the 2nd sensor’s computer line. As long as the voltage is jumping around, you’re probably in Closed Loop.

When you make a change, you’ll see your meter start changing, and keep changing after you’ve stopped turning the adjustment screw. This can help you identify the sensor once you see it in the engine.

Now the ECU will start learning the vehicle’s behavior and performance just as if it was a brand new car. But with the EFIE on, it’s actually leaner. I am not worried about over leaning. Connect the ECU plug s back on.

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Just go ahead and re-set the voltage you want. Eight cylinder engines tend to have 2 sensors, one on each exhaust manifold, but often have only one. I don’t mean the owner’s guide that is given to you when you buy your new car.

If you’re setting the EFIE above millivolts you’re starting to get pretty high. These are the basics. High signal voltage, high fuel requirements.

Meyer Lawton Boyce and many more.