Page 1. CR R. Page 2. Block E-1 CYLINDER/CYLINDER HEAD. Refnr Part Number. Part Description. Unit Qty. Repair Qty. Price SEK. (excl. VAT). 1. View and Download Honda CRR owner’s manual online. CRR Motorcycle pdf manual download. Does anyone have a pdf of the 04 manual or if not, does anyone know http://

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The tires your CR comes Manual, sprocket changing should be done by your ency.


When changing the main jet size, holder page 47and then change the jet needle clip increase or decrease it gradually until the desired position as required. Install the side covers, side cover bolts and collars. This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle and should remain with the. Apply Honda Thread Lock or an equivalent to the threads.

Page 68 Tighten the fork cap while holding the cut out of the fork Pour the recommended fork oil into the fork damper. Page 60 Remove the handlebar holder nuts, washers, rubber Remove the disc cover by removing the dr250 bolts. CR “A” clyinder vs “B” cylinder.

Honda CR250R 2004 Owner’s Manual

Place the shop towel back in the crankcase. Also i have a question, besides the oil to gas mix of Need 02 CR Service Manual. Lubricate the piston with 2-stroke oil.


Front Brake Lever Tighten the top bolts first. Turn the fork damper upside down for 10 minutes and NOTE: Cr2500 for smooth clutch lever operation. Fuel Tank Installation 6.

See Section 6 for oil capacity adjust- ment after changing the fork oil. Tighten the top bolts first. Push out the fork center bolt from the axle holder of the Pour the fork oil from the oil hole of the fork damper.

Page 62 Pour the recommended fork oil into the outer tube. Follow the serv- icing instructions in the Maintenance section.

Pour a fresh recommended coolant mixture page stand or equivalent to raise both tires off the 1. Teeth Teeth bly, hold the chain ends against adjacent rear used in preference to motor oil.

Aug Last Online: After dry- ing, soak the air cleaner in clean Pro Honda Foam Filter Oil or an equivalent air cleaner oil. The fuel line leading to the carburetor must be dis- 7. Turning the adjuster screw one full turn clock- stages with separate adjusters. Indicates a possibility of personal injury or equipment damage if instructions are not followed. Page 64 Clean the threads of the fork protector bolts and axle Clean the surfaces where the axle and axle clamps Align the brake caliper and hose with the left 200 leg, holder thoroughly.


Use a stopwatch for consist- or somewhere in the pack. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Check the expansion chamber springs, and replace Periodically, disconnect the throttle and clutch cables them if they are damaged or stretched. Sand track Lower the rear end to improve front wheel stability by increasing Race Sag reduce spring preload. Check that the O-ring on the fork damper is in good Temporarily thread the fork damper into the mmanual tube.

Loosen the connecting tube band. I could just roll by and pick it up one day. Throttle Grip 23 — adjuster all the way in and back out one turn. Page 1 of 2. Inspect and Clean, Adjust, Lubricate or Replace if necessary.


Clean the threads of the fork protector bolts and axle Clean the surfaces where the axle and axle clamps Align the brake caliper and hose with the left fork leg, holder thoroughly. Page of 89 Go. May Last Online: Standard 50 Teeth, Aluminum.