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Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Title: ABNT NBR Trabalhos Acadêmicos (), Author. The abntex2 class and the abntex2cite package are intended to assist the caption’s separator to enddash, in accordance to ABNT NBR removed. Programa de Pós-Graduação Tese (Doutorado) Modelo canônico de e outros do gênero) produzido conforme a ABNT NBR Informação e.

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Must contain a maximum of ten 10 pages, including abstract and a maximum of 10 references. The source consulted should be included below the figure only if it is secondary data. Revista de Economia Aplicada.

Modelo de Teses e Dissertações ICMC/USP

Most common examples of references: Gait speed and cognitive score in elderly users of the primary care service. A e Domingues, E. Market Structure and Foreign Trade. Econometric models and economic forecasts. Failure to comply with this condition will subject the manuscript to final archiving.

It is recommended to avoid citations of theses, dissertations, books and chapters, except when it is a theoretical reference Ex: Before the list of references, it is mandatory to cite source of financial support to the research if it exists.

It must contain a maximum of fifteen 15 pagesincluding the abstracts and a maximum of 50 references A study that brings together, in an orderly manner, research results on a specific topic, helping to explain and understand abnnt differences found between primary studies that investigate the same question, and deepening the knowledge about the object of the investigation.


Structure of the 14274 Research and Review studies should follow the conventional structure: Paz e Terra; Cambridge University Press, c Houghton Mifflin Company, For manuscripts accepted for publication written in Portuguese or Spanish, the translation of the final version into English in the electronic version will be requested for publication.

Manuscripts must be exclusively submitted to REBEnand its simultaneous submission to any other journals is not allowed.

Rev. Bras. Enferm. – Instructions to authors

Critical review – Contemporary work, evaluated as being of interest to the target audience of REBEn, it should contain no more than 2 pagesincluding 2 references, if there is any; Abny to the editor – maximum 1 page. Mandatory and Elective Subjects. Statistical Inference and simple linear regression: A solution to the Border Puzzle.

Uncooperative and cooperative Oligopoly. Journal of Political Economy, n.

Once the evaluation process has been completed, the submission fee will not be returned if the manuscript is not accepted abnh publication. Firms, Knowledge and Policy. Illustrations should be in good high-resolution reading quality. In accordance with the norms, the manuscript is sent by the chief editors to the associated editors for peer review, adopting the double blind review, which seeks to guarantee the anonymity of the authors and the evaluators.

Journal of International Economics 61, — Selected Readings 5th editionW. Technological Change and Mature Industrial Regions: They may be intended for persons who have contributed to the study but are not authors and should be presented on the title page until the evaluation is completed on the grounds of conflict of interest.


Princeton University Press, Romer, David; Advanced Macroeconomics.

Submission Process and Manuscript Evaluation. The system is self-explanatory and, at the end of the process, an ID will be generated for the manuscript, with numeric code Example: Reviewers may or may not be complied with by the associated editors. Randomized controlled trials are included in this category.

Revista Brasileira de Economia, v. Oxford University Press, American Economic Review n. Manuscripts from other categories may follow different structure. In the citations from authors, ipsis litteris: Industrial Market Structure and Economic Performance.

Likewise, one should avoid citing articles from non-scientific journals or magazines. bant

Rules for Completion of Works

American Economic Review, v. Resources for the Future, Before submitting the manuscript, the authors must verify the standards of REBEn, strictly follow the check list and have all the necessary documents for submission. Preferences and Utility; Utility Functions; Customer demand functions; Duality applied to customer theory; Production in short and long-terms; profit maximization; Restrictive Production Functions — primal approach; Derivation of cost functions — dual approach; Company offer in long-term; Risk aversion and customer preference; Production in conditions of uncertainty.