Cancer Ward [Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BRAND NEW, Exactly same ISBN as listed, Please double check. Cancer Ward: A Novel (FSG Classics) [Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Nicholas Bethell, David Burg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Cancer Ward. Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr The story takes place in the men’s cancer ward of a hospital in a city in Soviet Central Asia. The patients in Ward.

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Both women invite him to stay overnight in their apartment when he is discharged, ostensibly as a friend, because he has nowhere to sleep; his status as an exile makes finding a place to lodge difficult. I got the feeling I didn’t really want to live any more All the way being told that freedom is solzhenisyn utmost human right.

Writer and literary critic Jeffrey Meyers writes that the novel is the “most complete and accurate fictional account of the nature of disease and its relation to love. In the end there’s only one character left, the others fade away. I was just overwhelmed by the sense of hope that these people still carried, no matter their lot in life. InSolzhenitsyn was arrested, stripped of his Soviet citizenship, and forcibly flown to Frankfurt.

A range of characters are depicted, including those who benefited from Stalinismresisted or acquiesced. Like VadimWad enclosed his soul into an apocryphal belief throughout his existence.

This book has helped me to better understand my colleagues. Forced labour has existed in…. Solzhenitsyn refers to this social cancer in this pragmatic novel, ironically making it appear side by side with the actual disease itself, as he mingles them together in the eloquence of his style.

Only Time can tell when human sins will be absolved in the true sense of forgiveness, enabling humans to reach the pinnacle of spiritual maturity that allows everyone to understand in perfect harmony thereby resurrecting the souls for the absolute redemption of all.

There is plenty of adversity and denial in a cancer ward. It deals with the personal stories and lives of many different characters There are parallels between the cancer that ravages the bodies of the dying patients and the cancer of Communism that ravaged the once proud Russia.


Some suffer, some hope, some battle, some despair, some live in an imaginary world, some hope to break free. There, in their small cancerous universe, every subtle touch, every sigh, every stare, every silence tells a story. I wanted to impress him, and I was reading tons of big books at the time, so I thought, “Why not Cancer Ward? He only gives us a glimpse of an equanimity against the roaring turbulence of life at the point of death.

He does find the courage to go to Vera’s once, but he has left it so late in the day that she is no longer there, and he decides not to try again. Quotes from Cancer Ward.

Cancer Ward

Book ratings by Goodreads. I know this book is of an allegorical nature, so if you’re to read this as the literal sense, the human body, is what she’s saying, that to put the body through serious trauma and seriously erode someone’s quality of life, worth it for them to have that life?

Works by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It gnaws not the skin, but the spirit within. The story explores the moral responsibility cancee those implicated in Stalin’s Great Purge —when millions were killed, sent to camps or exiled. His feelings for Vera are strong and seem to be reciprocated, though neither of them wward spoken of it directly:.

This book is about a cancer ward in Russia in the s. Even symbolically, the Cancer Ward can transcend the peculiar oppression of the Soviet State and symbolise any country in the process of self-destruction. The goat had not even stirred.

This truly beautiful novel is, to me, the best Russian novel of the twentieth century, and Solzhenitsyn is one of Russia’s greatest writers ever to have lived. And yet, there is life to live. Weighing in at over pages and easily the heaviest thing in my bag, Cancer Ward would seem to come to a definite conclusion, be it comforting or disturbing, by its denouement. It hinders the slightest trace of mortality in a human life, believing that the eternal glory lies in the fulfillment of one’s OWN transient satisfaction.

To the inmates of the cancer ward, reading, is enjoyable, their only entertainment, to pass the dreary time, boredom makes them lethargic. The last pages are beautiful: Now The Gulag Archipelago is on my to-read shelf with Crime and Punishment and more of those Russian novels to come one of these days! Kostoglotov leaves the zoo, and after wandering around town decides against going to see Zoya or Vera.


Now that I am going away He still manages to feed his spirit, fighting against the whim of his physical body with an illumination worthy to salvage his past wrong doings, as it rectifies and eventually frees a life into the transformative power of love. And it is terrifying. Dense, passionate and rewarding. This novel is at once both a metaphorical critique of Soviet Russia as well as a touching story of numerous multi-faceted characters. Because we are born slaves, raised as slaves and die slaves.

Cancer Ward – Wikipedia

The character of Oleg Filimonovich Kostoglotov is the best personification of this symbolic fusion, as he seems to appear as the extension, or rather a sequel to the life and times of Ivan Denisovich after the Gulagreflecting the millions of innocent Russian lives shattered by the intense grip of this social disease and at the same time, suffering from the fatal malady itself that blows his already wasted life to further uncertainty.

Caught almost in the sway of self-conscious people becoming cynical. Kostoglotov lives life to the full in the ward and has an interesting relationship with two remarkable women -the dedicated and beautiful Dr Vera Gangart and the vibrant and attractive young nurse Zoya. Views Read Edit View history.

View all 6 comments. We are first introduced to Pavel Rusanov, a Communist Party functionary, who enters the hospital because of a rapidly-growing neck tumor. This guiltless and scheming official is behind the deportation, torture and imprisonment of innocent aeksandr, believing that what he does is only a testament of loyalty to his country, but in reality, he is just a common criminal who abuses his power out of spite.

Solzhenitsyn and his wife and children moved to the United States in J R Soc Med. In a letter to friends pagehe offers a aleksaandr.