Find out the details of the BMTC Bus numbers. Select the BMTC numbers and the route details (source,destination), route length and the number of trips. The special services such as Pushpak and Volvo are distinguished by the following prefixes in the bus route number: ‘AS’ for Atal Sarige, ‘B’ and ‘C’ for Big. Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) operates different types of buses on different routes within the city Get the lists of various bus routes in Bangalore. , Bus Origin, Bus Destination, Bus Route No.

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The fare basis depends on the class of bus: Balekundri Circle to Bagaluru It has really turned out to be hell to travel by BMTC unlike other metropolitans who have sufficient local transport over 24 hours. Also, users can also search for all buses at a location Version 11 has the following features – A new UI and lot many exciting features.

Bangalore city bus with Route No. Bangalore Bengaluru Bus Routes. How and where can I get bus passes? Easy selection of bus numbers.

Click here for the BMTC site. Use the Big Circle buses on the Ring roads. Routes are numbered clock-wise, but buses run in both directions. Our work is to empower citizens, made possible by your donation. Which Indian state is the largest producer of diamonds? The Big10 and BigCircle buses, run on main roads, and together they form a simple grid. The fourth thing is, the ruthlessness of BMTC at the costs.


Brigade Road to Bannerghatta National Park 5. September 29, Vaishnavi Vittal. Banglore all BMTC bus route number and destination, platform numbers with details. Puram, Hebbal and Tin Factory.

Many places in Bengaluru have more than one name, for e. This Bengaluru city bus passes through a total of 26 bus stations during the entire journey. If you are not able to find a particular bus stop, try searching for nearby stops. For list of Volvo buses, see here. Cubbon Road to Yelahanka New Town For timings of Volvo buses, see here. Otherwise it will be given a new route number. Yesterday KA 01 F bus did not stop.

BC-3A First Bus How much should I pay for tickets? April 9, Aditya Shankar. The complete list of stops is not numbwr for each route, so multiple-leg bus journey plans bbmtc not optimised.

Bangalore BMTC Bus Routes

Also, the UI has been improved. There are quite a few Bus Servies early morning when compared to late night services in Bangalore. Account Options Sign in. K Routes K1 to K3 run in an inner circle within 4 to 6 km of the city center, starting from three major terminus points. I dont know if they have taken Bangaloreans for granted that we are always ready to pay the costliest ticket and commute.

For Whitefield, the Whitefield Sarige is the local loop servicing the area. Monthly passes start from Rs The Kendriya Sarige, introduced in earlyas the city centre loop system have been withdrawn. If you are in the city centre and need to go somewhere else in city centre: Routes are numbered anti clock-wise, but buses run in both directions.

BMTC Bangalore Bus Route Map Timings

It is easy to find bus going to most areas of the city at these major terminals. BC-3A bus timings at regulars intervals and as and when there are any changes. The BMTC has planned to introduce around buses at points in the city from where garment workers and labourers travel to their workplaces.


It is from a vision of the founder, Kenzo Adachi that there should be vehicles that will never let you down. Riute order to see the up to date time table for Route No.

Vayu Vajra buses operate from various points in the city to the airport. The Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation has announced buses meant only for night time services on Jan 5, For the detailed routes including list of stops of the Big10 buses, click here.

Day passes that gives starting from Rs 32 can be bought in all buses with the conductors. This Bengaluru city bus passes through a total of 22 bmttc stations during the entire journey. You can also go to Shivaji Nagar, Shanti nagar or Humber bus terminus for more options.

This Bengaluru city bus passes through a total of 35 bus stations during the entire journey. Ddstination 6 of the application has route plans updated by minimum number of hops for any of the locations across Bangalore.

Madhya Pradesh is the only state with a diamond mine in the country as well as in Asia.