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Mariel, you shouldn’t be heading off into lights analogy land. Not only did this clarify some of the twisty plot points and recurring images as re-reading this always will, I think — many questions lingerbut it made me realize the above, that escape, from others as from the self, is no easy matter.

It is claustrophobic, shocking and nightmarish, yet is filled with moments of such poignant beauty that I find myself unable to paraphrase. There are abyssal moments of perversion, neurosis, psychosis, and delusion that can also be found in many sentimental North American novels of the sort publicized by Oprah, but this book is different.

Agota Kristof’s trilogy and now this. Este un fotograf reputat si, totodata, unul dintre cei mai cunoscuti si mai apreciati scriitori maghiari ai momentului, cartile sale fiind traduse in numeroase limbi. Kennedy than any best seller. Eszter is right, but this book is good and needs both.

And, possibly the most difficult of all to deal with, the narrator is himself terrifying – capable of horrible things, and this made me perpetually uncomfortable, worrying about how he would go on to screw up his life at each turn.

Tranquility by Attila Bartis

I finished Tranquility a couple of weeks back, and I’ve been trying to articulate my thoughts about this book ever since–a tough task, as it’s quite unlike anything I’ve read. Jan attla, Nate D rated it really liked it Recommends it for: What if I begin to wish that Bartis felt he could communicate certain depths without spilled fluids, psychotic breaks, and new categories of squalor? Tranquility by Attila Bartis.

It’s a moment before the stage bow and you don’t know if there’s going to be rotten tomatoes or “Encore! I try to remember if I know anyone from Romania or I should be working on my comic, but instead I’m reading this book, Tranquility, by Attila Bartis, a Romanian, and as I’m writing this I’m wondering why so much interesting art is coming out of Romania?


Preview — Tranquility by Attila Bartis. The story is so elliptically told as to be often obscure but nonetheless produces a real visceral punch, leaving things out and obliquely returning to them, with the effect of building up their power: Zo nu en dan struin ik het internet af naar nieuwe inspiratiebronnen voor boeken.

Share this Rating Title: Tears are scripted and it doesn’t get better on repeat nights. And sometimes, somehow, they are. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori.

My mother was right about this. This guy doesn’t want to change the colors of the sky.

Nyugalom () – IMDb

We saw Psycho IV many times both because it was one of the movies we had and because it was addicting. Ik wist dat dit mijn nieuwe inspiratiebron was geworden. Society provides most people with the tools required to avoid the paths of such individuals but we as the modern reader intentionally discard such warnings as we invite such experiences in the name of courage or boredom depending on our current proclivities.

Een paar weken terug ontdekte ik het worldliteratureforum en dan met name deze pagina http: The mom wasn’t powerful because she was some super glamorous figure. Zo donker als de kaft. Sep 12, Gerard Flens rated it it was amazing. Jul 05, Emmakate rated it really liked it.

After years of coexisting in a love-hate relationship marked by routine and possible incest, Andor brings home Eszter, a beautiful girl his own age. It is clear that Bartis had the rudiments of a plot–a priest, introduced near the beginning, comes back in the end, and so forth.

attiila Nici vorba, romanul e intortocheat si excesiv ca spectacolele lui Afrim insusi, dar de aici si pana la a se preta unei adaptari e cale lunga; curiozitatea ramane. The caricature in his sky is his mother. If you dream of Jakov Lind peering into your crib, licking his lips and only making the laziest effort to suppress his lustful cackling you’re going to find yourself in a similarly vulnerable position reading Attila Bartis.


Like the Samuel Beckett bleak scale that Paul Bryant made up.

Or maybe it’s not. My neighbor Randy owns the only bookstore in our city. But I should get back to my comic. I was moved by the standing still.


I found the storytelling to be occasionally maddeningly complex – continuous jumps throughout time, flashbacks, midsentence narrator-switches I’m back to hating Janusz Bardach again. View all 5 comments. The bitch is crazy. Some of them read like prose poems, and they are all separated by asterisms. As this story is revealed, we are meant to be shocked and amused, and take some small and disreputable pleasure in knowing we have now experienced, even if only through an undependable narrator in a novel, something really repellent about human nature.

Somehow, in spite of itself ma “It’s good.

So much that these people do is hateful but you can’t hate them, can’t cynically write them off, can’t but ask what we—as individuals, as a society, as a species—are doing when we lie, especially when we do so with the idea of protecting others or ourselves.

But Tranquility is not a completely miserable undertaking; in fact, it’s from this rawness–this honesty–that a very peculiar beauty springs.

Its structure is a convoluted, shifting construction of three decades of memories, but its fractured portrait is decidedly convincing.

My Eastern European history is pretty vague, as is my geography, but I do know Ceausescu ran Romania, which is were this novel is set, so Bartis must be Hungarian, or at least a Romanian writing about Hungary.

You can look if you can’t touch and you can touch if you don’t look, sort of. And, since I imagine no one I know actually reads this page, I am not too worried about it.