The cessation of the charismataPatristic and mediaeval marvelsRoman Catholic miraclesIrvingite giftsFaith-healingMind-cure. Counterfeit Miracles has 66 ratings and 6 reviews. Dominic said: This is actually a series of lectures given by B.B. Warfield, a key figure in conservati. The Banner of Truth Trust, , pgs. Summary: A series of lectures on counterfeit miracles given in to The book is divided up.

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The last section on the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy of the Christian Science movement was b.h.warfield interesting mirackes me, though it was all informative. He sets out by first refuting a popular theory at that time that miracles continued after the death of the apostles until the 4th century when it ceased because the Christian faith was not in need of any miracles, the wheels of the missionary work apparently taken over by imperial endorsement.

Counterfeit Miracles

Every time I read him I am impressed with his scholarship, his grasp of the field he is currently looking at, and the clarity with which he presents himself. I always learn something from Warfield.

Michael Pagan rated it it was amazing Jun 24, Apr 10, Hamish Osborne rated it really liked it. Finally he moves on to faith-healings and mind-cures of the Christian scientists. Warfield was professor of theology at Princeton Seminary from to Aug 09, Logan rated it it was amazing.

Nancy Almodovar rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Weir rated it really liked it Aug 11, This is why after the apostolic age, performance of miracles virtually disappeared and reports of them dramatically dropped, that is, until the later patristic age. Having grown up with a charismatic background, I enjoyed the depth of detail in this book. He begins, well, at the beginning, with the New Testament and the apostolic age.

But the theological reason Warfield gives for the cessation miraclea miracles was that miracles b.b.awrfield a sign to confirm the Apostle’s authority and their revelation.


Warfield also notes that this age of the massive proliferation of miracles has its origin not in the Christian faith b.b.waefield simply in democratisation of the faith fusing into the pagan world because of the fact that the heretics, like the donatist, soon claimed to be able to perform miracles too in aid of their theological cause, which miracles St Augustine refuses to accept as authentic.

Warfield is a fascinating writer. I can’t imagine writing with authority on as counterfeif subjects as he did, and here he particularly applies himself to the historical understanding of miracles and the many imitations and claims to miracles that have been made over the years, both within the church and withou I have the highest admiration for Warfield.

Drew Cunningham rated it really liked bb.warfield Dec 21, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He also could not help poking fun at the outrage of the Jesuit and Catholic authorities at the “unauthorised” miracles surrounding the dead body of a Jansenist cleric, no doubt once more proving the dictum that it is the saint that makes a miracle and not the miracle a saint. Joe rated it it was amazing Feb 09, Cory Spackman rated it b.b.warfie,d it Aug 27, It is at least very commonly supposed that we are bound to examine carefully into the pretensions of any alleged miracle produced in support of any propositions whatever, however intrinsically absurd; and, if these alleged miracles cannot be at once decisively invalidated, we are bound to accept as true the proposition in support of which they are alleged.

Some conservative Presbyterians consider him to be the last of the great Princeton theologians before the split in that formed Westminster Seminary and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. It is quite an interesting read with an attention historical detail and first-person accounts and academic referencing to various experts, theological, historical and medical, which is truly impressive. None of the apostolic fathers claimed to have performed any miracles and their record or witness of miracles were extremely scarce, most of them gesturing towards the miracles performed during the apostle’s time and none contemporary to themselves.


Counterfeit Miracles by Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield

Want to Read saving…. Chris Sicks rated it it was amazing Mar 31, James Tessin rated it it was amazing May 05, Return to Book Page. He sets out by first refuting a po This is actually a series of lectures given by B. Warfield then delves into history to show that this position is supported by the data.

But I guess the most important thing which this book has taught me is the true rational behind the cessation of miracles and sign and wonders, that miracles intricately and indissolubly tied to divine revelation and apostolic authority as their proper signs, and that naturally once the apostles died and divine revelation has ceased, so would the miracles which were the signs and confirmation of their message.

Lists with This Book. Of course, I should have already have known this when Calvin in his introduction coungerfeit his Institutes, refuted his Catholic’s opponent’s claim to orthodoxy by citing the many miracles which has occurred among them by pointing that his doctrine too was confirmed by many miracles and signs and wonders, the miracles and signs and wonders of the Apostles, which Calvin of course does claim to counterfsit faithfully.

A helpful overview of the historical data. He also makes the important point from Deut Refresh and try again. The book is divided up into six miraclss