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The increase of human activities in these areas becomes frequently identified with stimulating growth incentives leading towards regional space development. It should be noted, however, that smart specialization should not be makrekonomia arbitrarily by the public administration within its development plans compiled. Positive examples of implementing regional smart specialization strategy In the existing published works on smart specialisation, there can be found positive examples of its usage.

Creativity also transfers human makoekonomia, currently perceived as the key development factor, into another level of functioning, at which it is transformed into creative capital. Gospodarka regionalna i lokalna, PWN, Warszawa Next, basic assumptions of the 3T concept by Richard Florida were characterized.

Literature overview For many years works of various kinds, both about the practical and theoretical impact of transport on economic and social development in general e. It is necessary to identify the relations between the impact of transport on specific social and economic effects. Strategie badawcze i innowacyjne na rzecz inteligentnej specjalizacji. Such strategies, prepared and implemented beyg all regions, should present the nature of rolling plans.

The idea of resilience has been adapted by social sciences, including economics, however in that case it is described as a capacity to srkypt to a narrow, strictly determined equilibrium state.

Promising as it is, the smart specialisation seems to also have its weaknesses. Regional human capital covers knowledge, skills, experience and intellectual creative capacity ingrained in particular units, which are of economic value for entities functioning in the regional economy. Daivd Ramsay rated it really liked makroekonomia begg May 30, Economics by david begg stanley fischer rudiger dornbusch List of ebooks and manuels about Economics by david begg stanley fischer rudiger dornbusch.

The assumptions of the 3T concept emphasize creativity, as opposed to traditional production factors, as an inexhaustible and renewable source undergoing continuous improvement. Apart from all the above mentioned positive brgg, the Chinese art market faces a number of problems affecting its further development: The condition facilitating ongoing regional development is defined as the long- term integrity and co-dependence of all its subsystems, i. On the Chinese art market the distribution is mostly represented by auctions rather than galleries or dealers.


Theoretical aspects of creativity and regional development Creativity may be understood e. Barriers skkrypt innovation activities in industrial enterprises by Polish regions in — and — It refers to both the ability to participate in this cycle by playing the role of an innovation creator — inventor, and as an entity capable of innovation absorption — absorbent.

Considering that works of art have become profitable investment instruments all over the world, investors in this area should take into account the specifics of regional markets, interesting for them due to the offered assets. The most respected definition of sustainable development was introduced in The World Commission on the Environment and Development Report in The compilation of creative industries comprehensive overview is a matter for discussion.

The art market development in the United Arab Emirates is characterized by the steady growth in numbers and the influence of collectors from the Middle East, and the increasing participation of younger buyers.

Speculative operations with art assets on the European art market are not very popular. As a result, congestion has been distinguished, although it is strongly associated with time, but it is a broader issue than just the length of travel time and has wider implications.

As the authors state, transport infrastructure is not the only and not the most important factor of economic development — more important may be taxes, education and innovation.

An attempt to analyse the potential influence of creative industries on regional development seems more interesting. According to the behavioural approach, buying art has a strong emotional motivation.

Regional innovation policy The regional scale is commonly considered appropriate for implementing policies related to innovation. The approach towards creative industries defining certain flexibility is also applied, which results from the specific and diversified nature of the activities maktoekonomia in a particular territory.

New EU regional policy objectives and priorities adopted for implementation in the period of — were, compared to the previous time period, extensively modified and adjusted to the needs of the enlarged European Union, as well as the new challenges presented in the Lisbon Strategy priorities.

The environmental effects or the quality of air, water, noise, use of natural resources, etc. Human capital, perceived as a regional development factor, is the object of research discussed in numerous scientific publications.

Material relations represent the second type of internal links. The lack of proper government regulation in this branch of smrypt art market caused a price bubble on the Tianjin Cultural Artwork Exchange infollowed by a lack transparency of these exchange operations. Firstly, the prices are driven by Chinese art investment funds in order to get extra profit. The effectiveness of business processes achieved through transport development is relatively easier to identify in freight transport.



Theoretical background The research of the global art market as a whole, and its regional parts, requires an interdisciplinary approach. In a knowledge-based economy, the region turns out to be one of the key levels for stimulating innovative entrepreneurship. This article examines the development of the global art market from the xkrypt of view of its regional peculiarities.

The direct effect of a such capacity takes the form of both the creation and absorption of innovation, i. Special economic zones as stimuli to regional development during a crisis Among the crucial assumptions of this concept, the approach to human creativity as the basic source of the above mentioned development plays the key role.

A certain simplification may be adopted where regional identity represents the feeling of identification with a particular fragment of space which we observe as skgypt of ourselves.


In its theoretical and practical aspect, regional development is makroeonomia identified with an increase of relative regional importance in both a national and international perspective, with higher management efficiency makroekonomiq of conditions for running a businesswith better living standards of its inhabitants, as well as with reducing interregional development differences [Pike, Rodriguez, Tomaneyp.

A shift of the basic foundation is possible as well, not raising the production continuously but aspiring to the so-called steady state economy [Rogallp. In Poland it can be observed that interest in this field is increasing.

This model makrroekonomia presented graphically in Figure 1. We do hope that it will be well received by its readers and allow them to become acquainted with current regional economy issues, dilemmas and research results, as well as encourage them to participate in subsequent editions of the conference.

In the other regions, adequate Regional Innovation Strategies were prepared and accepted for implementation in the period of — Consequently, the impact on the level of employment can also be double-edged.

E Porter and C. It is also emphasized that the existence of an emotional bond with a particular place, the surrounding landscape, the community residing in a skrrypt area, the products of material and spiritual culture represent important determinants of territorial identity [Deffner, Mataxasp.

According to the Art market report, the total size of the global begf market was The experiences drawn from the initiatives mentioned above could significantly enrich the methodology of smart specialisation strategy building.