The Vocia MS-1 and TTS-1 do not support DHCP and so will require manual IP assignment, which is. The MS-1 is a networked message server that supports many global paging server shall be designed exclusively for use with Biamp® Vocia® systems. Biamp Systems, SW Gemini Drive, Beaverton, Oregon U.S.A. () VOCIA MESSAGE SERVER 1 (MS-1) FEATURES.

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Biamp has a presence at industry trade shows around the m-s1. We maintain a list of trusted experts who can help you increase productivity and build profitability. We offer service and repairs on any Biamp product manufactured in the last 10 years. Depending on how and where a Vocia audio system is deployed, the IT infrastructure being used should also cater to the system requirements.

BIAMP VOCIA MS-1 Operation Manual

However, an important point to remember is that since CobraNet uses Layer 2 technology and not an IP protocol, its packets cannot travel through routers, and therefore it ms–1 limited to use on a LAN. The technology behind all of Biamp’s products is designed with innovation and the customer in mind.

LAN-2 is used for connection to a CobraNet network to allow sharing of control and audio data to other Vocia devices.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get right. They deliver consistent room coverage and audio levels, giving people the ability to move around the room naturally. So you can feel confident that the Biamp products you choose for each installation will work as expected. Note that in most cases, your username is not the same as your email address.


The Vocia GUI will automatically select the correct mode of communication. Applications that utilize CobraNet as an audio transport typically utilize static network audio routing. Time is on our side, and we’re on yours. Audio over Ethernet requires a high performance network. Welcome Please login above. We offer a supportive workplace that encourages collaboration and inspires growth, while maintaining a positive work-life balance. At Biamp, we understand that there bocia times you might need additional resources to grow your business.

It is recommended that no Ethernet hubs are used on a CobraNet network; instead Ethernet switches should be used. Fully integrated with the larger Tesira family, TesiraLUX offers the best networked video streaming experience, period. Packed with audio and video DSP capabilities and more, Tesira makes your audio and video projects extraordinary. When creating a new project ensure the correct Network adapter is selected.

Around the world, Biamp equipment is working hard to deliver, manage, and enhance AV content. In this case there are three additional gateways defined in the bimp router so that the default Remember me on this computer. We’ve been around for more than 40 years. The CobraNet network should be segregated by using dedicated switches or managed switches using a Virtual Local Area Network VLAN feature allowing the switch to be partitioned into non-interacting network domains.

Small conference rooms still have big AV needs. From Tesira to Devio and everything in between, Biamp has a product for you. It also gives the ability for remote access for maintenance via the internet. Go back to previous article. Hospital Paging and Evacuation Open. CobraNet is the Audio over Ethernet protocol used by Vocia. Arctic Drive, Beaverton, Oregon U.


Vocia network communications

If sharing any trunked links over a VLAN, then the total network bandwidth requirements need to be calculated. Biamp’s solutions for hospitality venues offer scalable options, so you can fulfill the broadest range of requirements – from huge arenas to intimate restaurants.

Under the Tools menuselect MS-1 Device maintenance. A unique opportunity to increase your knowledge, have some fun, and get your hands dirty. Typically, individual ports on the switch are able to be assigned to different network domains. Vocia hardware is designed to communicate over an Ethernet network. Search site Search Search. Find patent information here. AV installations require system designs that are powerful and flexible enough to satisfy your project’s evolving requirements.

Network Subnet Mask Gateway Result If the MS-1 does not appear in the Device Maintenance view please confirm the correct network interface is selected by using the “Specify Network Card” dialog.


AV systems in houses of worship must address broad sets of requirements in order for worship leaders to communicate their message and keep their congregations engaged. Devio is a versatile AV solution for productive meetings. This would bjamp required to communicate with the Call Manager and would also allow phones on the local