Procedure: Suspend the rectangular block or (bifilar pendulum) from plane (a b) by . The experiment is repeated for various loads and the corresponding time. Skills Sessions The Bifilar Pendulum The Bifilar Pendulum Preparatory Task: Read the entire script; familiarise yourself with the objectives of this experiment and. View EXPERIMENT 7 from PHY at University of Zambia. EXPERIMENT 7 DETERMINATION OF MOMENT OF INERTIA USING THE BIFILAR SUSPENSION.

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It is important that the oscillations are about the vertical axis; setting the pendulum in another mode of oscillation will lead to incorrect results. You will then determine experimentally the relevant exponents in the proposed equation, taking multiple, repeated measurements and doing a statistical analysis of the data.

Bifilar suspension

The Bifilar Pendulum – durham physics laboratory guide. This topic, and many others related to pendulums can be found in most undergraduate text books.

From this, the periodic time was also calculated. However, Introduction of the two equal masses into the bifilar suspension system can gives rise to a modification of its mechanism and the equation of the angular motion. Density of the bar steel bar. However, one can say something about this dependence from dimensional analysis. Physical quantities with different dimensions can be multiplied, the dimensions of a product being the product of the dimensions.


Nonetheless, a description of its angular motion is enumerated below. The bifilar suspension is a technique used to determine the moment of inertia of any type of object about any point on the object.

What is bjfilar relation that now exists between the powers a, b, and e to balance dimensions after introducing the dimension of time to the correct power?

practical physics: experiment BIFILAR SUSPENSION

Thickness of the bar. The general exeriment for calculating the moment inertia of any type of body about any axis on the body is given as: In the process, you will gain experience in plotting and bifilqr linearised data. In this situation the length of the wires are kept constant and the distances between the two equal masses are varied.

Experiment The objective here is to find the value of the dimensionless constant A and the individual values of the powers of z, x and l, which the above analysis does not yield. Radius of each bored hole. The bar must be suspended symmetrically in a horizontal position by two threads of equal length. The bar was then tilted through a very small angle about the vertical axis and time taken for 20 oscillations of the bar, was recorded.

All experimsnt and data recorded were collated for experimental analysis. The experiment is done such that the oscillation was not dampened by carefully tilting the bar before release for oscillations.

Length of bar l. Now determine the powers of z and bfiilar, i. Distance between the wires, b.


With the bar suspended by the wires, the length L was adjusted to a convenient extent and then distance, bbetween the wires was measured. Dimensional analysis is a technique used both to check the validity of equations ezperiment to find relationship between physical quantities.

Data at various x and at a fixed L i. Check your conclusions by dimensional analysis. For a solid object with a rectangular cross-section, the same general approach gave rise to determination of the moment of inertia about its centre of mass G and this is expressed as.

Since the rectangular bar has bored holes within it, therefore its moment of inertia is. Additional table 4 extrapolated from table 2. What other physical quantity would it be reasonable to introduce on the right hand side so that the dimension of time is involved. As noted above, for most of this investigation we will consider the simplified situation where x and y are equal and the suspension filaments are vertical.

The apparatus used for this experiment consists of a uniform rectangular drop bar suspended by bifila wires assumed to have negligible weight contribution to the system. Skills Sessions The Bifilar Pendulum 4.

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