Bob Hoffman and Dr. Ziegler convinced Louis Riecke to act as a subject for the testing of the Functional Isometric Contraction system of training. Muscle contraction pdf – powered movements in muscle contraction. isometric muscle contraction pdf smooth muscle contraction pdf. Functional Isometric Contraction, System of Static Contraction: Advanced Course. Front Cover. Bob Bob Hoffman Foundation, – Calisthenics – 26 pages.

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Bob Hoffman – Functional Isometric Contraction

With this new system, many actually gain not only two times as fast, but three or four times as fast. There must be a constant effort to work against more and more weight resistance.

English Choose a language for shopping. In many cases broken and re-broken by contractlon who use the Functional Isometric Contraction System of training. You can train at any time you wish with little expenditure of energy.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Each of these men, with whom I am so closely associated, played a very important part in proving this system, in preparing it so that it is now offered as the greatest training system the world has ever seen. They may train too little, use too little weight resistance, or they miss training periods for every possible excuse.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Only with weight can you measure the gains that you have made with Functional Isometric Contraction. It is nature’s way to meet demands made upon the muscles, so that they will become stronger and more enduring. It will be a body-saver, because hogfman scientific methods build the maximum of strength and development, with a minimum strain upon the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Good, natural foods are best for building strength and muscular development.


The Functional Isometric Contraction system combined with isometric training with weights works on the principle that only through progressive training, with very heavy weight resistance hoffmzn super strength and the maximum of muscular development be built.

This concept of training, as incorporated in the Functional Isometric Contraction System, results in greater strength and new records. Although a weakling, an invalid or a cripple can obtain good results with the Hoffman Isometric-Isotonic Super Power Rack, we repeat, it is primarily designed for those who want the limit in strength and development.

It will help you in spite of bad habits, but you will succeed much faster and succeed better if you follow the rules of healthful living as closely as possible. Nevertheless, they put their wholehearted efforts into the new training system and were successful pioneers in this great training system which means so much to the future of our country.

Bob Hoffman – Functional Isometric Contraction

This may take hours of rest between training periods. Functional Isometric Contraction trains the muscles and the nervous system to respond to their maximum in a functional position.

With the usual training system much time is lost waiting for the muscles to become rested. Great lifters have functional strength. By using the Functional Isometric Contraction System, in six months Riecke developed into of the the world’s greatest lifters.


Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Had you seen the miracles I have seen as a result of this new system of training, you too would be as thrilled, as excited, as happy functtional I am.

It trains the muscles to exert an explosive strength in the desired direction. Their muscles were developed by isolated exercises and movement, rather than by heavy weight lifting. On the other hand, many men fail because they do not extend themselves enough, they do not progress beyond many repetitions with with light weights and do not make satisfactory gains. What is Functional Isometric Contraction? You can make strength and muscle gains two to four times as fast as the usual training system which has been followed in the past.


It would be reasonable to believe if you train twice as much you train twice as fast. With the Isometric System, you have no excuse not to train. They risked their reputations as weightlifters.

Write a customer review. Alvin Roy, a close vob of Riecke, made the trip from Louisiana to California for the national weight lifting meet with Louie.

In fact, progressively heavier weights and weight resistance can be used day after day. Most weight lifters and body builders train three times a week, rest days between.

Get fast, isomettic shipping with Amazon Prime. If you want to keep up with the best lifters, if you want to build your strength and muscles to their maximum, you must start now to use the Functional Isometric Contraction System. The readers of this course will never realize the time, the study, the hard and continuous work, the research, the experimentation, the utilization of little known scientific fundtional, which has led up to this system of training.