Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump from Wood Reading Dynamics. presents his do-it-yourself program for increasing reading speed. Generally recognized as one of the best books on the subject is ‘Breakthrough Rapid Reading’ by Peter Kump. Kump was National Director of Education for. As a fast and versatile reader since the early nineties, I own and have read both books, as well as most books in the genre. Peter Kump’s book is much older.

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After loading the paragraphs, I was able to read the same paragraphs in just under 30 seconds with much better comprehension. It literally changed my life! Mar 21, George Simons rated it it was amazing. Just an effort to go faster and stay focused.

If reading is utilitarian for you, go for it. Picking this up again. So you don’t do reading exercises in lieu of other reading.

Spreeder In the Press

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. View all 18 comments. Nearly any material can be copy and pasted into Spreeder in order to allow you to traverse through the words at a quicker pace.

Also, you can read faster brekathrough you practice. As for the advice itself, there is too much repetition and too little substance.

Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump | : Books

In a heavy day of leisurely reading, I could expect to read about pages of an average book prior to taking this course, now I could easily read a book or two a day. One of the first speed reading books Breakthrouvh read.

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Apr 21, Chika rated it really liked it Shelves: The book chapters and drills seemed to be divided into drills that focus on: The book, and the method, is predicated on the idea that we don’t have to read everything at the same level of depth. Sep 24, Travis rated it really liked it Shelves: The 36 chapters are to be read one per day and reading them and doing the associated exercises take about minutes.

Nov 13, Derek rated it really liked it. But this book pointed out that there are ways to read much faster that can help with both. Readig book was an interesting read for so many speef.

Once you go kuml the site, you can spreed what they are all about. Mar 16, Amy Hardison rated it it was amazing. In the same time, you it is more efficient for recall to read the book fast several times again, even faster than you can htink.

I wish I had discovered this 15 years ago.

Breakthrough Rapid Reading

A You can expect “traditional reading” up to about words per minute WPMprobably a bit less. Quotes from Breakthrough Rapi View all 5 comments. Co As far as I know, this is the premier text for speed-reading. Well, depending on your definition, the breakhhrough to this question will vary greatly.

Excellent techniques for practicing reading faster while keeping or improving your comprehension and retention. Now you can speed read content from 46 file types! Mar 31, Apoorva Kumar rated it it was amazing. He has taught rapid breakthorugh to White House staff, corporate groups, and individuals.

Revolultionary, and it could change your life or view on it too. Jan 23, Leon M rated it really liked it Shelves: I didn’t make it all the way through this book but got some useful tips early on. It’s almost one of those situations in which seeing is believing. Unlike the rest of the books in my “gave up” shelf, this book ended up here by no fault of the book itself.


There, I said it. What I came to discover, though, is that I don’t want to read fast. So there you have it. Peter Buzan book is nothing wrt this book. This is how I will present it and I’m pretty sure I’m right, but I think this one is hard to prove scientifically given the paradigm that reading teachers live and also uninteresting for many reading teachers vs. The basic tech of the book is moving your fingers, which is not very practical to use on your digital equipment. If you try to practice both skills at the same time, you will set yourself up for failure unless you happen to already be particularly good at one or the other.

Personal development is all about improving ourselves, and making the most of potential. Thus, some things we only need to breeze through, other things we need to be able to get more focused with etc etc.