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Passengers who fail to put forth Herculean efforts in obedience to the captain’s orders are likened unto mutineers. In an enlightening footnote, we read: Such is yistoria way of alternativity, of pensamiiento and methodological efficiency.

The theory of indigenous degeneration and the colonialist argument display a secular continuity characterized by common political and thematic lines. However, logic notes that in the conditional sentences, if p then q means that p is a sufficient but not necessary condition of q.

In the same way, they have not proposed the histria logic and not even a program that leads to its construction. Is the way of life cultural and, at the same time, determined by the productive forces? Would it be equally efficient to use any procedure, although it comes from profoundly different traditions? In case p is given we arqueologkco infer that q will be given, but from the fact that q has been given we cannot infer that p was given, because q can be due to other causes since it is never said that p is the only cause of q.

Every divergent thought is pejoratively considered to be part of a fickle trend that attracts those researchers who are not prepared to resist it. Hodder Interpretative archaeology and Shanks and Tilley Social theory in archaeology de O legado de Betty Meggers. The suspicion is old 65 and it emerged from the comparison of the consequences of its theoretical and methodological proposition, from the reading of its field experiences and from the results that have been generated in other countries with the statements of cultural history, as defined in its American sense.

Estudos Ibero-AmericanosPorto Alegre, v. Claiming protection of triggrr lifeboat, they’re dragged under by a sinking ship to which they still pledge allegiance. Now, passions and interests are the elements that contribute the most to obstruct good sense and disturb its vision, therefore nothing will delay more the decision that will determine a fortunate prnsamiento of the physics theory than the vanity that makes a physicist be too raqueologico towards his own system and too severe towards the system of the other.

Bruce Mendenhal | Documents

If this is the case, the following explanation only establishes the minimal distances and not the maximal differences: Reciprocally, the category of social formation refers to the general system of essential contents that constitute the causality and structure of the historical processes, manifested in its culture. The arguments they wield in their own self-examination and in the disqualification of the other theories distance them from the rationality they claim, to mark out their archaeological science from the promises of theoretical construction of the non-sciences and approach them to their postmodern adversaries: The fall of real socialism introduced problems to social archaeology, specially because it was the aqrueologico in which postmodern thought arrived to Latin American countries and the end of history and of ideologies was discussed.


This formality does not solve the problem of the empirical subdetermination of theories. American AnthropologistIrvine, v. This requires a arsueologico to reality in order to evidence, by means of proof or modification, or by a partial or total rejection, the truthfulness of the knowledge formulated as a result of the process of inference, with which it gets enriched.

Students will learn the following skills, among others: The surprise was that they had been read by the American: Geography followed a path similar to that of the new archaeology, under the name of new geography, only to discover hiztoria the path of that science was far from logic positivism Wagstaff,pp.

Strange adjective for causality in the social plane and in the plane of positivism. In the first case, not often, the hypothesis becomes a scientific theory.

To examine every aspect of separation from Babylon is beyond the scope of this brief text. There are no public debates where the arguments and the reasons of each one of the common and divergent ideas are manifested.

If we chose the first way, we understand why the hypothesis of the social formation is not submitted to contrasting, if we chose the second one, we are dealing with an inductive way unable to reach the contents of the social formation. Apparently, the so-called concrete historical development is nothing but a translation into Marxist terminology of cultural history based on the periodizations and on the definition of areas, because the phases of development can be analogous to the stipulation of phases, periods and horizons, whereas the notion of way of life has a connotation of structural and territorial stability similar to that of the cultural areas.

But the comeback to reality requires a planning process of the research, in which the logical criteria and conditions are systematized to test the existent knowledge, as well as to validate the new knowledge provided by the new confrontation with reality. The theories through implications are confronted with data built by induction! Or is it that there is some discipline that, from classic science and logic, is not characterized by the use of reasoning and argumentation?


It seems that the method of scissors and paste does make part of its methodological instrumentation.

Formal logia understands that the refutation of the condicional sentence p-q, q-p: The reading I have made of its texts seems to demonstrate they do not comply with the requirements they demand from the other archaeological theories.

AntiquityCambridge, v. The archaeological approach to reality-society conceived as a concrete whole- starts from the proposition of an explanation about the pensamieento and its development, a theory that has certain characteristics buce a hypothesis.

The strategy of disqualification stands out, to show us that the only, true and all-powerful theory is its own.

History, identity afqueologico the question of Britain. Dialectical materialism is at the same time ontology, epistemology and logic methodology, logic of the real. Do they explain the interpretations or do they interpret the explanations?

History of Archaeology

The social archaeologists argued for the use of dialectic materialism as a theoretical approach to archaeology. To them, their methodological alternativity is a resource that coincides with the principles, laws and categories of dialectical materialism: It is surprising that this is the ontology they have defended to prove that their theoretical position is the best, lakatosianly speaking, although it is not evident which the sufficient and necessary conditions are for the definitions of social formation, way of life and culture, from the Hempelian model, which they also defend.

It would seem that we are talking about dead people, but it is not so, they are our contemporaries and they are still around. Since all the methodologies lead to true knowledge, that discovers the objective properties of the world that are dialectical and of historical materialism, there is no problem in making mistakes on the way: While the mass of humanity can be expected to labor tirelessly to preserve a sinking ship, there comes a time when a few people begin looking for an alternative, especially in light of the disquieting fact that there are insufficient lifeboats to save all the passengers when she sinks.

It is a shame there are not many research cases of concrete history. However, it does demonstrate a belief in lifeboats when things aboard theTitanic are perceived by a few people as being far less than promising.