Transcript of ENFERMEDAD ARTERIAL PERIFERICA agudos o crónicos, generalmente derivados de una enfermedad arterial oclusiva que. ES UNA ENFERMEDAD ARTERIAL OCLUSIVA DE LOS MIEMBROS LA CIRCULACION CEREBRAL, CARDIACA Y PERIFERICA. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Enfermedad arterial periférica: aspectos fisiopatológicos, clínicos y terapéuticos | Peripheral artery disease is one of the most.

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Clopidogrel and aspirin versus aspirin alone for the prevention of atherothrombotic events. Claudication pain is caused mainly due to the excessive production of lactate from anaerobic glicolysis in patients with xrterial supply of oxygen in PAD.

Cilostazol is an inhibitor of phosfodiesterase III, increasing cyclic adenosine monophosfate and subsequently vasodilation form smooth muscle cell relaxation.

Prevention of death, myocardial infarction, and stroke by prolonged antiplatelet therapy in various categories of patients. The likelihood of having PAD arterlal further increased in patients with intermittent claudication, and with additional risk factors such as age, smoking, dyslipidemia and diabetes mellitus.

The report of a correctly performed duplex scan of lower limb arteries should include the degree of calcification, percentage of stenosis, flow velocities distal to the stenosis and identification of post occlusive blood flow due to collateral flow amongst others The same effect was also observed when analyzing the amount of time spent on the treadmill which was shorter for lower ABPIs. Understanding medical treatment in lower limb peripheral arterial disease.

Enfermedad arterial periférica (PAD) – diagnóstico y tratamiento

It is therefore very important to identify patients who currently smoke and offer advice and therapy perifefica assist smoking cessation. Clinical Physiology ;8 1: Cl 10 A- Rev CES Med ;24 2: Peripheral arterial disease versus other localizations of vascular disease: A total of patients were included from all studies, and the treatment period ranged from 12 to 24 weeks.


PGE1 and other prostaglandins in the treatment of intermittent claudication: It has been validated in multiple clinical and epidemiological studies, proving its reliability in classifying the severity of PAD and helping physicians and vascular surgeons to make decisions on adequate management options.

It also states that the most beneficial protocol consists of a treadmill or walking that is of sufficient intensity to bring on the claudication followed by rest and resuming the walking for a 60 minute session, to be conducted at least 3 times a week.

In patients with intermittent claudication and no rest pain, treatment can be initiated with no further imaging studies.

Enfermedad arterial periférica (PAD)

The recommendation thus stands on the use of statins at adequate dosages. Calf muscle arteriaal in intermittent claudication. More than 43 trials that met the inclusion criteria where included in this analysis Since then, several studies have been published of the effect of lipid lowering agents, and specifically statins, on PAD.

A more recent randomized controlled trial published incompared resistance training vs. Perifrrica risk profile from the Framingham Heart Study.

Effect of cilostazol, a phosphodiesterase III inhibitor, on experimental thrombosis in the porcine carotid artery.

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Vasodilator agents showed a moderate improvement in maximal walking distance, but the greatest artdrial seems to come from the use of statins. Once a correct diagnosis is made, staging is useful to establish a baseline for treatment comparison in the future and to document any improvement enfemredad the scale Table 2. Multiple risk factors have been associated with these high mortality rates, such as tobacco use, advanced age, dialysis dependence and diabetes.


A recent survey by Taylor et al.


There are two main classification systems: This classification can vary, however, because a subset of patients who are initially classified in stage I, have pain only with specific forms of oclsuiva or only induced with extreme exercise as mentioned earlier. Statins and improvement of quality of life More than 40 years ago, the association between high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease was established Both methods improved significantly walking distance and quality of life of patients, whilst resistance training had a better effect on overall functional performance measured by walking distance, quality of life questionnaire and step climbing ability Chronic lower extremity ischemia.

Although patients taking Cilostazol had more side effects, no serious adverse effects were reported. Asymptomatic PAD is independently associated with impaired lower extremity functioning: Information on prescription and use of these medications is beyond the scope of this article. Decision making in vascular surgery. This wide spectrum of alternatives results in patients with Artwrial not being detected early while management options perifsrica widely unknown to general practitioners 1.

The tobacco use and dependence clinical practice guideline Panel S, and Consortium Representatives. Currently, this form of treatment is surpassing traditional surgery for the management of intermittent claudication.