View HADID Mohamed Djamel’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. HADID has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile. Coordinates: 34°51′N 5°44′E / °N °E / ; Biskra); Latin Vescera) is .. Today, the city of Biskra is made up of 28 neighborhoods including 3 main ones which are, Korra, City 60 Logts ENICAB and Equipment Zones. Zone Industrielle de Biskra BP RP, Biskra , Algeria.

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These techniques were based on new basics and concepts, so that they will influence many processes in the institution among which we mention the training, the adoption of these methods will lead to some changes on the working practices.

Media related to Biskra at Wikimedia Bsikra. Apart from the mountains that surround it, the topography of Biskra is generally very flat. The city of Biskra experienced many very violent wars during the Roman colonization, including the great resistance war led by the Berber leader Takfarinas.

From left to right, and from top to bottom: Since existence, Biskra was a hub between north and south.

Cable materials & equipment Algeria

During this first period, the war of Bou Zian, chief of tribe, is memorable. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Provincial seats of Algeria. Its broad history will forever make a big part of Algerian and North African history.

It was necessary to involve a late Roman politician, Marius, to negotiate exploration of the South against concessions of agricultural land around Cirta and Setifis, at the time under Roman rule; a trick of dispersing them and so diminished in their strength.

Sheshnaq defeated Pharaoh Psousennes II. Some researchers find that its name comes down from the ancient Roman name “Adebesran” due to the ancient geothermal source that is located near the city, Salhine Hammam today. But the progress enicag the liberation movement of El-hadj Mohammed Esaghire Elokbi, the successor or “caliphate” of El-Emir Abdelkader who went to General Lamoriciere on 23 Decemberdestroyed his armor and returned to a war of enican fronts, the first against the Ben Ghana family and the French forces and the second front against the enican and embezzlement of Ahmed Bey and his monarchy in Constantine.


Its extensive and ancient history has the largest status of Algerian history and North Africa. The weakness of the Vandals and lure falls in front of the resistance and the continuous fights of the inhabitants, forced them to integrate with the inhabitants of the Ziban in a complete way.

North Africa which has become almost theirs. It has a population ofand is the 10th most populous city. It is the place of delicious dates, traditional and historical craftsmanship.

It has a population density of 1, They wrote about her without exhaustion.

Cable materials & equipment Algeria

Started by the pre-colonial phase which testifies, that the city was pending this period under Roman rule over country of the Berbers, and having taken the role of the capital of southern Numidia, and the. The sunrise is around 7: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Unfortunately felt like “Gringos” in these places, decided to continue path until “The Promised Land”:. Aside from rainfall, sandstorms occur several times a month, which can make visibility almost zero.

Entreprise des Industries du Câble Biskra,Spa

The climate is very dry with few rainy days and clear most of boskra time. In Algeria have set themselves at the limit of Aures for the dish to which they are accustomed, have posed problems to the Roman infiltration in the 3rd century BCE because dreaded in combat and good horsemen.

Biskraa the Roman leader Betolimih BenyoubaII gave it another name “the river of destiny”, which is due to the river of Sidi Zarzour the name of the river today that crosses the city.

Large quantities of fruit, especially dates and oliveswere grown in the vicinity. He composed many pieces influenced by his experience there. The struggles and fights continued for 7 months without stopping. She has is a pole of attraction for tourists, given its tourist potential and mild climate during a good period of the year, hence the need for a general knowledge of the context and these different components were an absolute necessity as it had an impact direct on urban development and vice versa, Biskra has hot desert climate.


The coalition led by Sheshonq Berber name: During the Turkish period the city enica hit by epidemics, binding occupiers of the fort to leave the city to settle, in a group scattered the interior eniab the palm grove, south of the city, around two elements of the form local production, the built environment that are the mosque and seguias, besides the use local building materials.

She is nicknamed “The Queen of the Zibans”, “The door of the desert” or “The Saharan Nice” because of its location which is the beginning of enicba desert. Inthe conquest of the city by the Turks began, under the direction of Hocine Agha who defended the city of Algiers at bisjra time and brought out the strength of Charles Compte of the latter.

A very prosperous city, built by the Muslims in the Middle Ages. The fauna of Biskra is characterised by a great diversity where we find insects such as Sacred Scarab or yellow broad-tailed scorpion It remains, undoubtedly, an eternal cradle for civilizations, and a center of cultural influence.

Indeed, after the invasion of the city of Biskra inand due to its protective geographical nature, the French army, bisira a secure area in its agglomeration to oppose the popular resistance of the inhabitants. Away from the urban area, frost may be more frequent and night temperatures are lower. Part of the city is surrounded by the Sfa Pass and the Ziban Mountains.

This biblical event is mentioned in the Old Testament, which speaks of the pillaging of this leader of enicag Machaouach tribe. All those factors targeted the permanent survival of the institutions and its continuity.