Cognos User Guide Pdf Client User Manual – This is a guide for Map Intelligence Framework Manager experience included COGNOS COGNOS Prime Service Catalog Reporting solution from Cognos / Link to Cognos Data Manager User guide: 11/09/ · · Reply. I am not able to run or view reports of Cognos in xls or pdf format. It worked for csv only Event Studio . v8r4m0/?topic=/_cradoc/.

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If the Include Only Selected Items option is selected, select or drag the items from the Insertable Objects pane to the text box. While the bottom tier consists of userr Data layer.

Cognos – Event Studio

The agent is saved with a job evennt. This is useful when different installations of Cognos 8 are used for your development and production environments and you want an export to be deployed dependent upon a specific event.

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Run an Export You can use an agent to run a saved content export process. These tasks can provide immediate notification of these events to businesses. Cognos Event Studio is a Web-based tool that allows you to create and manage agents to monitor data and perform tasks when the data meets predefined thresholds. Home Documents Cognos 8. Define a Calculation A calculation uses multiple data items to derive a single value.

I have been observing that the first time when the task linked to a no event execution rule executes the task gets suppressed and instead of getting a “No data found” email, no email is delivered to us. For example, you might need to update the recipient list in an e-mail task or change options on a report task Change the Order to Run Tasks In an agent, you can either run tasks all at the same time or in sequence.


An event key is used to determine whether an event is new, ongoing but changed, ongoing and unchanged, or ceased. What Is an Event? Only one schedule can be associated with an agent. Agents monitor data to find instances of an event, and then they perform tasks associated with the event.

At the top, there is a Web Client or a Web Server. Click Detail if you are defining an event condition that applies to individual values in the data source. You can include the calculation when specifying an event condition or task. Move your pointer over Advanced.

A new window displays each task in the agent. The agent is saved with the task execution rules as set. The parameter displays on the Parameters tab in the Insertable Objects pane, as shown next: Post on Mar views. Selection of BI tool depends on various factors like need of company, software version, features supported and the license cost.

The agent is saved with an agent task.

When the task is executed, the job will run. Users can take appropriate actions as per the event. ReportService – usedfor interactive usage user driven, on-demand Configuration tool sets it for theservice, whereas the startup. The Advanced submenu displays. In the Name text box, type a name for the calculation.

In this example, the event that we defined is when a customer returns a product. You create agents to perform tasks or deliver alerts when the data meets predefined thresholds.

Cognos can be considered as a robust solution which allows dvent to create a variety of reports like Cross tabs, Active reports latest feature in Cognos 10and other report structure. Click Summary if you are defining an event condition that applies to aggregate values. These reports can be viewed on web browsers, or on hand held devices like usser and smartphones. Running more than one agent in sequence allows the output from one agent to be used as the input for another agent.


Event Studio compares the event instances detected in each agent run with those detected in the previous run.

Business Executives want to see summarize data in dashboard styles, cross tabs and visualizations. An agent performs a task for events that meet the execution rules. The attached report is delivered through email because the event executes Day 2: When the task is executed, the agent executes the stored procedure, eveent the database.

Event Studio User Guide

Usdr can be useful when you want different agents with the same event condition and tasks set with different sets of prompt values or set on varying schedules. Maintaining an Agent Requirements for your agent may change over time. Listed here are steps for some of the most common studii performed for an already created agent.

Task execution rules are followed to determine if an agent will perform the gide. Create agents to monitor your data and notify decision-makers in your organization of events as they happen, so that they can make timely and effective decisions.

IBM Cognos provides a wide range of features and can be considered as an enterprise software to provide flexible reporting environment and can be used for large and medium enterprises.

Cognos Introduction

From the Package drop-down list, select the Framework Manager package that contains the stored procedure that you need. Suppose we have assigned a report to new and ongoing task execution rule. An agent monitors data, each event instance is detected.