Law on Public Holidays (Ley de Fiestas Nacionales, Gaceta Oficial de la Republica de. Según Gaceta Oficial N° del 01 de junio de , la cual establece en su artículo N° 1 “la Dirección G.O. de fecha 28/04/ Ley Orgánica. Reforma parcial del reglamento de la ley orgánica del trabajo by llópez_

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Benefits for self-employed persons during illness; Chapter 4: Night work is work performed between 7 pm and 5 am.

El decreto se estructura de la 384226 manera: The criteria to perform work during a weekly rest day is the nature of the activity that cannot be interrupted for public interest, technical reasons or unforseen circumstances.

Czech Republic – Maternity protection – Law, Act. Amends previous Acts related to maternity issues and determines maternity leave, prohibition of termination of employment during maternity, facilities concerning nursing and special care for the child, safety in the working environment, consolidation of rights. In work where there is no continuous process, the working day shall be interrupted with a break of yaceta least half an hour, so a maximum of five continuous hours shall be worked.

The Act applies to all situations and gaveta relationships arising from work as a social fact.

Workers shall be entitled to enjoy one day of weekly rest. Under 18 years of age minors can only work between 6 am an 7 pm.

These Regulations, promulgated under the authority of section 11 of the Wages Actprovide a minimum wage for various categories of domestic employees. Young workers are entitled to annual leave at the same period of school vacations. If a worker is dismissed on any of the grounds mentioned in 384426 7, the worker is entitled to a written explanation for the dismissal.

An Act to amend the Act respecting daily cash benefit in the event of sickness or maternity No. The employer and the worker may agree to establish a working day of 9 oficlal a day, without exceeding 44 hours per week, in order to allow the workers to enjoy two complete days of rest every week.


Workers not engage in continuous work shall enjoy a rest break of at least 30 minutes, and so no worker may perform more than 5 hours without such rest. The 44 hour limit does not apply to certain groups, including: Domestic workers are those who provide work in a home to an individual for his personal service or for a family, such as: We update the database regularly but are unable to guarantee that the laws it contains are always complete, accurate and the most recent version.

ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Act of 15 March on maternity leave for self-employed and unemployed mothers Text No.

No employer can oblige a worker to perform overtime work. The father has the right to take leave for a maximum of 10 weeks. Regulates provision of various social security benefits. Domestic workers are entitled to a daily rest period of 10 hours.

Venezuela – Working time – 2009

LL du Code du Travail, Article 3 adds new article 11, introducing a transitional provision, which extends the scope of the present Law to female employees who, on the date of entry into force of the present Law, are on maternity leave. The ordinary working day refers to the time the worker is at the disposal of oficlal employer on a normal or regular basis. Provides for the right granted to women working in jobs threatening their health or life or their child’s, or if it is necessary for their health.

Notification ofidial the payment of reduced rates of daily cash benefit in the event of partial incapacity for work attributable to sickness or in the event of partial absence from work attributable to gsceta, confinement or the adoption of a child.


TRAVAIL legal databases

Amends several sections gxceta, inter alia, ss. Completes the existing provisions on the protection of the pregnancy and maternity of civil servants. Workers perform a maximum of 7 hours for night work, and 7. Act to amend the Act respecting daily cash benefits in case of sickness and confinement No. LS – Den. Egypt – Maternity protection – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Greece – Maternity protection – Law, Act.

Notification respecting the Act No. Inserts baceta new section 7a the right to cash benefits upon return to work after parental leave. The present Law, under its article 2, amends article 3 of the basic Law on Maternity Protection Laws of toby amending the phrasing of phrases 3A, 5 and 5A, in order to extend the regulations and the maternity leave provided for therein, in case of more than one child born out of the same labor.


Nursing Board Exam Result – [DOC Document]

Additionally, they provide for hours of work a hour work week ; annual, sick and maternity leaves; public holidays; rest days; uniforms; overtime pay; and employee accommodations.

Benefits payable to employees during illness; Chapter 3: Notification respecting the increase in the cash benefit period under the Act No.

L et du Code du Travail, Dominica – Maternity protection – Law, Act. It amends the article 3 of the basic law by changing the word “fourteen” with this of “sixteen”. Federal Act to provide benefits and paid leave to parents of newly-born babies. No service shall be demanded of a soldier during the last six weeks of her pregnancy and eight weeks after birth.

Act amending Act No.