Er ist wieder da has ratings and reviews. Emily said: Although I read this book in German, there are already lots of German reviews and it m. Look Who’s Back is a bestselling German satirical novel about Adolf Hitler by Timur Vermes, Author, Timur Vermes. Language, German . “Ha, ha, Hitler”. Buy Ha Vuelto by Timur Vermes (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Yes, okay, the subject of Adolf Hitler is one filled with taboo and the book certainly doesn’t shy anyway from any of Hitler’s extreme views, but the book is not trying to convince us to think like him, it’s telling us to observe ver,es and ourselves. So much that they fail to notice his misogyny.

Adolf Hitler erwacht im Jahrversucht sich mit unserer Welt anzufreunden bzw. I was afraid this was one of those books with lame jokes about famous characters and so on, but hey The first thing was the hair. Retrieved 16 December In he vernes his debut novel, Er ist wieder da.

As much as I would like to give it a humorous review – I can’t. As you can see it’s taken me 2 months to read, and whilst that is n Well if I could I would give it 3.

Vermes is also writing the script for the film. Considering some of the messages about general German war guilt, I am impressed that this has been such a big seller in Germany.

Bestseller-Roman “Er ist wieder da” – Ha, ha, Hitler

What would happen if Hitler woke up in present day Germany? And just because I can’t resist: But mind youthis needs something to already be there in the reader: A Holocaust Childhood Remembered”, by Ruth Klueger And if something humorous is desired, by all means, look for a different topic. Trending on RT Avengers: Is the author a Nazi?

I admit, I found many parts verms the 2.


Look Who’s Back (Er Ist Wieder Da) () – Rotten Tomatoes

Is this book pro-Hitler? Und all das erreicht er, in dem er genau das tut, was er vor so langer Zeit getan hat. Zapravo, pravo pitanje je: So I guess there are parallels you can draw with Donald Trump, although, written in the German context, I don’t think that is the main thing on the author’s mind.

Then yes, you’re misogynistic. Those can lie for days on the major streets of Berlin like dead hedgehogs, that’s at least a practical advantage. Dec 31, howl of minerva rated it really liked it Shelves: Learning that this book has become a bestseller in Germany makes me ashamed of being German. David Threlfall stars as the infamous Nazi leader in this provocative satire.

Hadn’t he displayed the verjes kind of self-discipline, hard-work, military talents and other brilliance to guide the general public to the correct path when vuelti was the boss? With all I have stated above, does anyone really think it’s possible that the author of this particular book is a Nazi? Thoroughly convincing, you find yourself descending into the doubt and madness too.

It was a taboo story, but it never disrespected victims or made the reader empathise for the horrors of world war 2.

Of course millions would – and did vuslto support him making them culpable of all the implications of that support. That is what it wants to be.

Bestseller-Roman “Er ist wieder da” – Ha, ha, Hitler – Kultur –

Thanks for telling us about the problem. So ist Hitlers erster Eindruck der heutigen Politik in Deutschland Subjects under the age of five are generally positive, though a few of the older ones complain that the sex is too tame.

Preview — Er ist wieder da by Timur Vermes. The question many people ask is this: This novel allows for it, showing how a man like Hitler, would not be as scrutinized for his ideals today as he was right after the Second World War, he becomes a representation of oppressive movements right now that are not being seen as a threat, even though they are.


Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. His commentary on our culture; such as the news, fashion and meaningless jobs, was pretty hilarious and really made me think about how I’m living my life.

After a couple of chapters, the novelty of the book wore off, especially Hitler’s point of view. Un Un libro brillante, comico e spietato. I also thought that this book was going yo be so much more funny than it actually was. This shows that some people are being led to those beliefs by others who hold the Nazi views, which might as well be compared to many other views. To immerse yourself in what happens after, you just have to accept it.

If it so happens that I want to add anything, I’ll put a note at the top of the review that informs you of any changes that have been made. This is the way I believe that satire should work: Only this time, mistaken for a comedy impersonator, his road to power is paved with TV stardom and internet fame.

Do you admire Hitler? The darker the taboo, the better. All of the book it’s just like the beginning of it? Timur has his fictional Hitler narrate his story as I-narrative, so we are always in Adolf’s head. Ich gebe dem Buch nur 3 Sterne. Views are expressed that freedom of speech needs to find a natural restriction when such freedom might insult the sentiments of others. Or, what happened was no swinishness, but the will of a people.

That’s what makes it so evident that Hitler was thinking and doing bad things! What is an American?