Well the title is my question. I know I will be an Eladrin who probably will go star and something? But is Hexblade worth it and is it fun?. I’d guess that’s where their striker damage is coming from, since they don’t appear to have curses–and while it’s one-handed, you’ve got to use. Are there any official rules for a Hexblade multiclass feat or Hybrid? (I don’t have DDI access, but the DM does, so references to Dragon articles.

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Warlock Hexblade (4e Power List)

This power conjures an eye that inflicts ongoing damage on creatures who start their hhexblade next to it, which makes this a pretty sweet power for parties that have a lot of forced movement effects.

The debuff doesn’t last too long, though. Beginning at 4th level, a hexblade can obtain a familiar.

You should never bull rush anyone. The target of a hexblade’s curse takes a -2 penalty on attacks, saves, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls for 1 hour thereafter. Overall, I wouldn’t bother; there are plenty of good picks this level.

White Lotus Evasion D Sehanine cared for her daughter, giving 4d power over the night and teaching her powerful magic, but ultimately was forced to abandon her when the elven civil war ended and, in the wake of the Dawn Warthe gods hexbladee banished to the Astral Sea.

Damage a foe, immobilize him, and give him vulnerable 10 all save ends. Decent single-target damage, sliding, and an effect that damages other enemies if they get close to the target.


This power gets a bad rap, but it’s not as dire as one would think. Unfortunately, hexbladw blinding only happens after the enemy’s attack is finished, which means this power should hexhlade really be used on enemies who can attack multiple times in a round, like elites or solos. Revenant – With the ability to boost Dexterity and Charisma, Revenants can make excellent Hexblades now, their ability to stay standing after dropping to 0 HP helping them make the frailer Hexblade pacts at which they excel more survivable.

They sacrifice their spell recall ability to gain access to curses in their spell list and the ability to learn witch hexes instead of magus arcana. A good pick for Infernal Hexblades.

If a weapon already has a bonus to those 4 the higher bonus takes precedence.


Weak damage, but you make the enemy you hit waste their next standard action, which could be lifesaving in a solo fight. Retrieved from ” https: Meh damage, but a huge slide. The New World, Part 9: Fury of Ogremoch HotEC: Intelligence Fury of Gibbeth D Well, like a true WarlockHexblades forge mystic contracts with powerful entities – the default Hexblade has access to the Fey and Fiend pacts, gaining a Star pact in Dragon alongside a variant of the Fey Pact tied to a specific Archfeyan Elemental Pact in “Heroes of the Elemental Chaos”, and a Gloom Pact in “Heroes of Shadow”.


It certainly isn’t a deal breaker.

Hexblade – Class – D&D Tools

For those Hexblades who swear loyalty to Cormyr, the Focused Discipline stance can help their Melee Basic Attacks be that much more versatile when they need it. Well assuming you can use any book hedblade now There’s a bunch of nice bonuses that this path grants, and the animal shape you can assume is pretty flavorful too. Of course, the pact boon in warlock triggers when someone’s dropped, and the pact boon in hexblade is a free power.

They went on to bring back the Bladesinger as a variant Wizardafter all. You’re going to spend some time hhexblade Melee, so you want to be sure that you can take a hit.

White Lotus Riposte D Single-target damage on this power is okay, but what you really want is for this spell to be the finishing blow; if you do, you have a dominated minion for the rest of the encounter. Sha’ir – Deathwalker – Fleshcrafter – Soul Reaper. Multiple hexblade’s curses don’t stack, and any foe that successfully resists the effect cannot be affected again by the same hexblade’s curse hexblsde 24 hours.

Same damage as Eldritch Bolt, with the added effect that causes an enemy to not be able to see nearby foes. Deals damage and nothing else.