On Thermonuclear War: futurology: Kahn applied this technique in On Thermonuclear War (), a book that examines the potential consequences of a. Kahn, On Thermonuclear War. John P. Frank. This Book Review is brought to you for free and open access by the Law Journals at UNM Digital Repository. On Thermonuclear War has 97 ratings and 19 reviews. James said: Herman Kahn was the ringleader of a group that came to be known as the megadeath intelle.

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As a result, thermonucldar sides were better able to avoid disaster during the Cold War. Now, just when the aging members of The nuclear Club tire of the game and even sense its obsolesence among rational players it did nothing for U. The technology described is now old, but the principles behind it are sound.

This A cursory reading of On Thermonuclear War may lead a reader to believe that Herman Kahn is suggesting that thermonuclear war is not thermonucleag the significant event that other theorists and planners have portrayed it. My dad worked with Herman Kahn in a group that came to be known as “the megadeath intellectuals.

How does the US prevent nuclear war? Views Read Edit View history. Overall enjoyed the strategy.

On Thermonuclear War | work by Kahn |

Strangelove, which is interesting. A classic, of course; I look forward to pages of fun! No trivia ob quizzes yet. He worked at the Hudson Institute in the mids, primarily doing research used in The Next Years.

Profoundly regrettable and disgusting pseudo-sapience. His predictions are thermknuclear prescient, too; there is an advantage to reading this book fifty years later and after the Soviet Union has dissolved. As a result, both sides were better able to avoid disaster during the Cold War. Want to Read saving….


Perhaps my expectations were too high. The Cold War is over, but the nuclear genie is out of the bottle, and the lessons and principles developed in On Thermonuclear War apply as much to today’s China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea as they did to the Soviets.

Far from removing the stigma or taboo of conducting a nuclear war Herman Kahn stresses that a thermonuclear war would be a catastrophe on an unprecedented scale, but that it would not, as Deterrence adherents believe, be the ultimate end of the world as we know it.

I guess if you are interested in the thinking of a highly intelligent person who believes society can survive a nuclear war, you should read this book. Jan 21, Andy Kramer rated it liked it Shelves: One may agree with Kahn or disagree with him on specific issues, but he clearly defined the terrain of the argument. The art of war consists of overcoming the enemy without fighting. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It would have been interesting to see what Khan and crew would have come up with had they been nursed on Taoist rather than Indo-European assumptions.

Jul 22, Nick Black rated it it was amazing Shelves: Tomi Toivio rated it really liked it Feb 09, This is a dense and weighty book that examines its subject in great detail. Having a hard time getting through it, and keep on starting other things and putting it down. Herman Kahn was a renowned political scientist, economist, historian geo-strategist, and considered by many to be the founder of futurology as a serious field of study. If the enemy does not know where you will strike, the enemy must prepare everywhere, which will eventually exhaust the enemy’s resources.


Theocratic visions of an Absolute, as Derrida pointed out, tend to include an Apocalyptic coda. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The New York Times. Yet, all our peace rallies, dreams, loving behavior, and international conflicts have, for the last several decades, taken place under a nuclear “umbrella. He is an historical analyst and game designer specializing in strategic simulations. Although it was deemed preferable to the settle things at the Question 1 level, most of these guys had bomb shelters in their back yards.

Read India’s scripture, the Mahabharata, for instance, for an ancient conceptualization of a doomsday machine. Ear premise; albeit rather dark. Although it was deemed preferable to solve the first problem, most of these guys had bomb shelters in their back yards.

On Thermonuclear War

Originally created from a series of lectures, it provides insight into how policymakers consider such issues. Popular passages Page 3 Kahn looked out over the strategic thermonuuclear, took in the view, and deemed hundreds of thousands of casualties an acceptable number in a nuclear exahange.

Neither Oblivion Nor Surrender. On Thermonuclear War First edition.

Now, just thermonuclwar the aging members of The nuclear Club tire of the game and even sense its obsolescence among rational players it did nothing for U.

Feb 22, Logan rated it it was amazing Shelves: This group of men woke up in the morning, looked in the mirror, and saw one fundamental fact: So I have finally read it. How do we prevent nuclear war? Covers everything from doomsday weapons to accidental nuclear conflict. I had my suspicions: