Precautions for CE Markings Keyence confirms that the LS Series . LS- Photoelectric Sensor or Proximity Sensor Timing input signals are sent. Find great deals for 1 PC KEYENCE Ls CCD Laser Micrometer. Shop with confidence on eBay!. LS High-performance controller. Visible measurement pointController with Target Viewer. High-durability CCD . The LS Series measures the outer diameter of a fiber continuously and .. E-mail: [email protected]

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The result output of a difference check is a Page 25 Chapter 1 Getting Started Mounting and Connection Mount the measuring head and the controller, and connect them with the cables. Set the key lock type to ALL: Page Chapter 10 Troubleshooting Problem Inspection Remedy Check that the communications cable Connect the ls-701 cable is correctly connected.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Do not supply power to the controller while connecting the cables. Average Hold The average value during the period specified is displayed and output. A frame is displayed on the AREA1 side.

When the LS Series is in T-EDGE measurement operation, it measures the width of the bright portion between the top of the keyencce head and the first shadow in the measuring area. Setting Range Any one of the following items is selectable for output.

Page 36 Chapter 1 Getting Started Resetting to Initial Status The following section provides information on how to reset all the programs and environment keyencr to factory-set values. Page 8 Optimum Measurement Methods Refer to the following methods, and select the optimum measurement method according to the type of target.


The maximum-to-minimum value measured by the LS Series in continuous measurement operation is displayed and output. Page 18 Chapter 1 Keuence Started System Applications The LS Series has a wide range of applications when used in combination with commercially available peripheral devices.

Page Appendix R Reference value mode Preface This instruction manual provides necessary information on the operation and maintenance of the LS Series along with precautions.

The result of output is displayed ls-701 OUT1. Page 10 Contents Safety Precautions Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If the AC power supply stand is used, turn off the AC power supply stand while connecting the cables.

Chapter 3 Easy Setting Guide Measurement of Movement and Positioning In the following example, the movement or position of the workpiece is measured.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Chapter 9 Specifications This section provides the specifications, characteristics, and external dimensions of the LS Series. See pageCheck that the target is not leaned or Locate the target correctly in the shifted. Press the [Up] key and move the cursor to underline the type of calibration.

Page 97 Chapter 5 Function Settings Timing Chart The following table lists timing charts for respective measuring modes. Chapter 5 Function Settings keysnce Press the [Up or Down] key and keyehce the cursor frame to the area to be set.


Refer to Key Lock on page for details. Otherwise, the settings may be partially or completely lost. Chapter 5 Function Settings Calibration Type Oeyence The following section provides information on how to set the calibration type for each area.

1 PC KEYENCE Ls-7601 CCD Laser Micrometer

Page Appendix Focus monitor Drill Function Keyene drill function can measure the external diameters of objects, such as drills or gears with odd-numbered teeth. The average values are used to determine the measured values. Use the program read and program write commands. All function keys other than the display selection function key are locked.

Refer to page for the key lock function in detail. The following measurement modes can be used for group processing. Appendix Environment Setting Record Sheet Use the following tables to record your environment setting details.


The backlight will be OFF if there is no key input for 10 minutes. If the mutual interference prevention function is used, the following settings will change. This section provides information on targets and settings for typical applications respectively. For details, refer to Trend Graph Display on page The remote control console does not operate.