Cioccolato amaro: Lesley Lokko: Books – Cora said: Another perfectly indulgent offering from Lesley Lokko. praticamente i giorni nostri, Cioccolato amaro racconta le vicissitudini di tre ragazze: Laure. Premetto che credo che questo sarĂ  l’ultimo romanzo che leggerò della Lokko, sebbene tutti mi parlino bene de L’estate francese e Cioccolato amaro.

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On reflection, I might have to go back to my comfort zone for a while again after this vapid experience! Other than that, i love the book and i wish amato author had not placed too much emphasis on the fact that they all need Love and men to feel complete and successful after all they went through.

Circumstances are such that the other marries for convenience and moves to the UK. Crea troppe situazioni, vuole portare avanti le storie di tre ipotetiche co-protagoniste, ma non riesce totalmente a portare avanti tutte e tre allo stesso modo: This book is a book for all seasons.

She may not be a new favorite but her work draws comparison to my current favorite Zadie Smith and not the least because both of the writers are from United Kingdom and write novels about social minorities and immigration. It could have went deeper into the culture and real Haitian life: Belle ora vive in America a Chicago e Laure Ambientato ad Haiti, negli Stati Uniti, in Europa e in Africa dagli anni Ottanta fino a praticamente i giorni nostri, Cioccolato amaro racconta le vicissitudini di tre ragazze: To be honest, much of plot involving her character seemed contrived.

Laure and Ameline have grown up together in Haiti, while Melanie was raised in London, the financially spoiled but emotionally neglected daughter of an aging rock star.


Laure St Lazare however, is the 16 year old daugh This book was amazing. That’s the greatest strength of this novel – the journeys of Laure and Ameline. In time after rather extreme events young women number 1 ends up in the UK too and eventually in Ghana where a third major character who has been introduced now lives having been born in the UK, popped over to the US and now due to marriage ended up in Ghana too.

I may even reread it. However, I was still drawn to continue reading, so there was always a ‘hook’. How does the main character become flustered with the name of the woman she meets when she’s already been told her name beforehand?

Bitter Chocolate by Lesley Lokko

Loko rated it liked it May 24, I have really enjoyed Lesley Lokko’s books and Bitter Chocolate didn’t disappoint me. This made it very difficult to follow the story and therefore almost impossible to enjoy the story. Her mother sells her baby, in which the girl gets really pissed duh and leaves.

Laure, Ameline e Melanie. Inoltre, alcune cose non hanno davvero senso. If you want trash why not just watch TV?

If she felt the need to tell all three stories she should have separated them into different novels. She never changed and she was wasn’t very likable.

Bitter Chocolate

Ameline was ta Previous Trashionista editors Gemma and Jenni loved Lesley Lokko’s first two books, Sundowners and Saffron Skies, so I was keen to read her third, Bitter Chocolate, although slightly concerned because it’s over pages long! I don’t usually read this type of book, for good reason, but I like to try something different once in a while. It turned out to be a better read but inconsistencies amao me crazy.

I was also unimpressed that the success of the women in the novel seemed hinged on finding the right man. To ask other readers questions about Bitter Chocolateplease sign up.


Loved, loved, loved this book! To ask other readers questions about An Absolute Deceptionplease sign up. I wish the author had decided to tell just one This book tells 3 different stories within the one novel. The novel is hopeful, a series of ups and downs that I was not quite sure how it will end until it tapered around the th page– I picked up Lesley Lokko from an esteemed friend’s collection.

Could easily lead to a sequel? There was enough in the book to achieve this end. Her father has constantly neglected her and at the start of the novel he fails to show for her 18th birthday. Want to Read Currently Reading Lesldy. A young girl from a rich family in Haiti who makes a mistakes that follows her and costs her much throughout her years.

Cioccolato amaro by Lesley Lokko on Apple Books

Wonder if there will be a sequel. I almost stopped reading at page 24 when the stultifyingly moronic Melanie, dancing topless and singing in front of her mirror, becomes aware that her stepfather is watching her from the opening in the door and reflects: I was excited to read this novel, but unfortunately it did not live up to other Lokko books, good to read though.

It’s an interesting story of three different women and how their lives develop. Yet parts were weak and trivial.